Login to vsc3

•  Please open a terminal and connect to vsc3 (see emails for details)

    If your terminal becomes unresponsive, please hit the Return key, then type ~.
    (if it does not help, open a new terminal and connect again)

    Editors: vi, vim, nano, emacs, nedit   --> editors cheat sheets: nano, vi(m)


•  cd ~/HY-VSC          

In ~/HY-VSC you can find subdirectories for all exercises:

•  he-hy                                    - MPI+OpenMP: compiling, starting, pinning

•  jacobi                                    - MPI+OpenMP: hybrid through OpenMP parallelization

•  data-rep                                - MPI: how to avoid replicated data

•  1sided                                   - MPI: additional 1sided exercises

•  MPIX_Cart_weighted_create   - MPI: application aware Cartesian topology

 +  job_mpi.sh                           - sample job script to submit a pure MPI job (hello world) on vsc3

 +  slurm-job_mpi.out               - SLURM output of the above job-mpi.sh (hello world) on vsc3

Compile @login node:

•  mpiicc    -o my-program.exe my-program.c        #   C          (example is for pure MPI; note the double ii)

•  mpiifort -o my-program.exe my-program.f90     #   Fortran (example is for pure MPI; note the double ii)

Submit to queuing system:

  sbatch job*.sh                                                        #   submit

•  sq                                                                          #   check

•  scancel JOB_ID                                                       #   cancel

•  output will be written to: slurm-*.out                     #   output

Docu for vsc3:


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