Weekly outline

  • General

    Lecturer: Prof. G. Wellein (gerhard.wellein@fau.de), Martensstr. 1, Room 01.131. Phone -28136
    Location: RZ 2.037 - e-Studio, second floor RRZE building (Martensstr. 1)

    First seminar: Tuesday, April 23

    From week 3 on, the seminar will shift to Thursday, 16:00-17:30 (same place)

    Credits: 5 ECTS credits. This requires two talks and a written seminar report.

    Possible topics can be found in the intro talk (see below).


    • Christie Louis Alappat (christie.alappat@fau.de), RRZE, Room 1.025-113
    • Georg Hager (georg.hager@fau.de), RRZE, Room 1.130-113
    • Julian Hammer (julian.hammer@fau.de), RRZE
    • Jan Eitzinger (jan.eitzinger@fau.de), RRZE, Room 1.025-113
    • Thomas Gruber (thomas.gruber@fau.de), RRZE, Room 1.025-113
    • Dominik Ernst (dominik.ernst@fau.de), RRZE

  • 22 April - 28 April

    • Please e-mail your name, IdM account and matriculation number to georg.hager@fau.de so we can set up your account for the HPC systems.
    • Please register in the Moodle system with your e-mail address and enroll in this course so we can send messages to all students. This will also enable you to participate in online discussions etc.

    NOTE: If you want to register in Moodle (i.e., set up your account) you will notice that the Captcha does not work - instead, an error message is displayed. This is not a problem; just type an arbitrary string into the input field. 

    Those of you who have already sent their data will get an HPC account soon. This account can be found in your IdM portal under "Services". In order to use it you must set a password for it. You can either choose to synchronize it with your IdM account (so you have the same PW for both) or set a separate one. Whatever you do, give it a couple of hours until you try to log in because the password change takes some time to propagate through all our systems.

  • 29 April - 5 May

    Tuesday, April 30, 16:00-18:00, RRZE e-Studio: Hands-On intro to using RRZE clusters.

    • 6 May - 12 May

      Thursday, May 9, 16:30: Basics of benchmarking hands-on - participation is mandatory!

    • 13 May - 19 May

      No seminar this week - shifted to Tuesday, May 21
      • 20 May - 26 May

        Tuesday, May 21: (note the date change)

        Seminar talks from last term

        • Matthias Knorr: Stencils on Volta
        • Mehdi Rezaiepour: Sparse MVM on NEC Tsubasa

        • 27 May - 2 June

          Guest talk on Wednesday, May 29, 13:00 s.t. in RRZE room 2.049: (note the date, time and room change)

          Stefan Kronawitter (U Passau): Automatic Performance Optimization of Stencil Codes

          • 3 June - 9 June

            Thursday, June 6: Seminar starts already at 3:45 pm!

            Felix Winterhalter: OpenMP tasking vs. wavefront parallelism for Gauß-Seidel (1st talk)

            Hassan Asghar: Master thesis status report (MPI benchmarking)

            • 24 June - 30 June

              Thursday, June 27:

              Hassan Asghar: MPI-parallel sparse MVM (part 1)

              • 1 July - 7 July

                Thursday, July 4:

                Guest talk by Prof. Dietmar Fey (Chair for Computer Architecture): Memristors

                • 8 July - 14 July

                  Thursday, July 11

                  Benjamin Mann: Stepanov Reloaded (part 1)

                  • 15 July - 21 July

                    No seminar this week. Instead there is an extra seminar on Tuesday, July 23, 4pm.

                    • 22 July - 28 July

                      Tuesday, July 23, 4pm:
                      Helen Schottenhamml
                      : Stand-alone Kerncraft benchmarking & PhenoECM (part 1)

                      Thursday, July 25, 4pm:
                      No seminar today due to RRZE internal event

                      Ayesha Afzal: Idle waves and collective phenomena in MPI programs on clusters
                      Felix Winterhalter: OpenMP tasking vs. wavefront parallelism for Gauß-Seidel (part 2)

                      • 29 July - 4 August

                        Monday, July 29, 16:00, RRZE 2.049:
                        Ayesha Afzal: Idle waves and collective phenomena in MPI programs on clusters