Weekly outline

  • General

    The seminar covers optimization and parallelization techniques for modern multi- and manycore systems. The topics are chosen from interesting contemporary problems in High Performance Computing on modern hardware like multicore processors, accelerators (e.g., GPGPUs or Xeon Phi), and clusters.

    Lecturer: Prof. G. Wellein (gerhard.wellein@fau.de), Martensstr. 1, Room 01.131. Phone -28136
    Location: 2.037 (e-Studio), Martensstr. 1 (RRZE), 2nd floor
    Time: Tuesday 8:30-10:00

    Either 2.5 or 5 ECTS credits will be granted, depending on whether the student gives one or two talks. In either case, a written seminar report is mandatory.

    Possible topics can be found in the intro talk (see below).


  • 20 October - 26 October

    Talk by Ayesha Afzal on her seminar project (OpenMP-parallel CG solver).

    • 27 October - 2 November

      Talk by Thomas Röhl: Introducing the LIKWID tools.

      • 3 November - 9 November

        Talk by Benjamin Keck on CT image reconstruction on GPGPUs.

        • 10 November - 16 November

          Talk by Balthasar Reuter on his KONWIHR project about optimizing the UTBEST code.

          • 17 November - 23 November

            No seminar this week!

            • 24 November - 30 November

              Talk by Johannes Hofmann on low-level benchmarking on the Haswell and Ivy Bridge processors.

              • 1 December - 7 December

                Talk by Salah Saleh about his master thesis on performance engineering for compute kernels in the Blue Brain Project.

                • 8 December - 14 December

                  Talk by Georg Hager about the ECM performance model and its application to streaming kernels (especially the Kahan dot product) and stencil codes. 

                • 15 December - 21 December

                  First seminar presentation by Domink Thoennes about benchmarking results for OpenACC on GPGPUs

                  First seminar presentation by Georgios Diamantopoulos about MPI-ULFM for fault tolerant MPI programming.

                  • 12 January - 18 January

                    Initial talk by Julian Hornich about his upcoming KONWIHR project about simulating solar cells with an FDTD method.

                    Status talk by Ayesha Afzal about her master thesis on energy models for multicore CPUs.

                  • 19 January - 25 January

                    Status talk by Julian Hammer about is master thesis on a tool for automatic ECM modeling with stencil codes.

                    First seminar talk by Yifan Yang about "Introduction to the link-wise artificial compressibility method (LWACM)" (cancelled)

                  • 26 January - 1 February

                    First seminar presentation by Yifan Yang about "Introduction to the link-wise artificial compressibility method (LWACM)"

                    Final seminar presentation by Georgios Diamantopoulos about MPI-ULFM for fault tolerant MPI programming.